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I like computer games, especially the city-building games. Sim City, Caesar II, Caesar III, Caesar IV, Pharaoh, Cleopatra, Emperor, Empire: Total War – these are some of my favorites. It ‘s fun, a blank card and build a flourishing civilization in just a few hours. But it ‘isn t easy.Depending about this game, you play, you may have to search technology, providing housing and jobs to bring water, build farms and establish business networks. These games are not only fun, they can teach you a lot of infrastructure that can work for a company. But it ‘s most dass really work your city, you have to keep the citizens happy. If you play this game, you, the player who is ruler.In a word, you ‘re the government. You have complete control over the population. You can demolish their homes to eliminate their jobs, or starve them until they leave. But why would you do that? It ‘s much more rewarding to an environment in which they can flourish. They do this by giving them every opportunity, and even then it takes time to grow up to see the city reallyFlourish.Of course and you have to pay for everything. Nothing is free in the game. Each building has a price tag, and if it is built don ‘t enough money in the game ‘ s treasury, it doesn ‘t. The money comes from various sources, usually through trade and / or sale of goods through the game ‘s made population.And taxes. The interesting thing about the “people ” who live in these games is their similarity to humans in the real world. You want to be happy, want to work, most of them, and they want a fair chance. If you grow them to them. But if you mistreat them, they get angry.No two games are exactly alike, but in general, if you can don ‘t enough jobs, people will leave the city. In some games, they rebel. The same goes for taxes. You can get all the jobs you want, every chance in the world, but if taxes increase by a reasonable level will increase and people. In some cases, they will burn before they place. Perhaps Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and both houses of Congress must have a little time to playsome of these games to build the city. I think they could do something, learn what they obviously don ‘t yet understood.

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