Creating a Project

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This section will take you through the process of creating the project step by step.

Using Flash Professional

Launch Flash Professional, create an AIR for Android template, and call it first.fla. The movie has a frame rate of 24 fps and a stage size of 480 by 800 pixels. At first, this dimension may seem large for a small device.

Create the movie’s document class by opening the Properties panel and clicking on the pencil icon to the right of the Class field. Leave the default selection at Flash Professional and enter the class name Main.

Using Flash Builder

When using Flash Builder, two mobile options are offered. Go to File→New→Flex Mobile Project or File→New→ActionScript Mobile Project. Use Flex Mobile if you want to use the Flex framework. Use ActionScript Mobile for pure ActionScript only. For our application, choose the latter. Give it a project name of first. Leave the setting as the
default SDK, and click Next.

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