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Database management system design of the basic needs increased productivity. Information and documents of a company or organization is an important element in achieving the goals of a successful life. File management and other business information and development is firmly growth in production tools or applications, which everything is in order and organize files and information on how you depending on your preferences and needs of your organization or company with a wide range of productive.Database CharacteristicsDatabase and management systems of a company or organization necessary funds to general database systems, computer or server based. Both systems are in accordance with the preferences of the organization and address information that they are managed. If you are only managing a small business, you can use the desktop database to store all data, the small business and society for all companies or organizations itself.Bigger usually choose a large database that will work all the needs and the systems met, the data are usually more with the database server to handle meet. Database server, desktop databases much more efficiently. They are also more expensive than desktop databases.Choosing database management activities can develop your small system bigger, or it can be a big company or a company’s future. But the growth and development, the condition occurs in only one click or a snap. This process requires hard work and good governance in developing countries every day. If you have to change the current trend, so in reality it was the employer of a man slowly takes about 3-5 people, or one or two years, and then expands to about 20 or more people at work. Of course, not only the basis for the calculation to establish here and in other general expenses for the decision, an ideal management system. Of course I can not deny that the economy is growing so you have more formally in the workplace or office or even a small building that meets your expectations in a team or an independent body. As the events and changes, the time to think about the database that is ideal for data management company. The good news is that we still use the option database for the office if you plan your budget. But because their business is growing and human resources are impressive, to change the database server. This means more money to build a more satisfying to stabilize, to large database applications, system-once you know productivity.Evaluating, grip, you really need for their business system is the final step, to evaluate various options for success. Microsoft Access is a popular desktop database used by small businesses. The application database is much more convenient and easier to use. Other database applications, some promote desktop users of FileMaker Pro, Lotus, Paradox and FoxPro.For database server, are popular choices for IBM DB-2, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. The database server is expensive, but has the benefit of detailed planning and systematic collaboration solutions and increase productivity. No matter how big or small company now. What is really important is how to manage the company through a database system, a well-designed and intended to be a success each year without end. Do you also study and consider the needs of the organization to achieve the ideal solution for database management for the successful .

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