AIR on the Desktop Versus AIR on Android


If you want to convert an existing AIR desktop application to Android, you must make a few changes:

  • If you are using Flash Builder, the WindowedApplication application MXML tag needs to be changed to ViewNavigatorApplication. WindowedApplication assumes there is a NativeWindow, which is not the case on Android.
  • In the Application descriptor, the namespace must be 2.6 or later and the visible tag must be set to true.
  • The AIR SDK packaging command must use apk as the target.

The following desktop functionalities are not supported on Android:

ActionScript 2, ContextMenu, DatagramSocket, Dockicon, EncryptedLocalStore, HTMLoader, LocalConnection, NativeMenu, NativeWindow, PrintJob, SecureSocket, ServerSocket, StorageVolumeInfo, SystemTrayIcon, Updater, XMLSignatureValidator