Interacting with Windows Marketplace

To distribute your applications, you must package them and upload them to the Microsoft® Windows® Marketplace. For your application to be accepted, it must meet the Windows Marketplace certification requirements that are discussed later in this chapter. You can specify the price if you want to sell your application, or you can offer it as a free download. It will appear in the Windows Marketplace hub on users’ phones when they search for new applications. You can also use the Marketplace Trial API if you want to enable a reduced feature set and allow users to download and try the application before they purchase it. The applications can be installed on the phone using a wired or Wi-Fi connection, or over the air.

You can also incorporate targeted advertising into your applications by using the Microsoft Advertising Exchange for Mobile hub. Applications can interact with Microsoft Advertising service though a special API, providing a simple way to earn additional income by including advertising within your applications.

Note: Windows Marketplace will also allow you to deploy applications to a limited audience, such as a defined set of testers or reviewers, or to employees or associates of your company.