The Business Model


Tailspin’s business model is to charge subscribers a monthly fee for access to the Surveys application, and Tailspin must then pay the actual costs of running the application. The Surveys mobile client is free to surveyors, and surveyors who are collecting multiple responses to surveys can also be compensated. A Surveys subscriber, like Adatum, could either pay a surveyor for the number of submitted surveys or offer discount coupons. For this to work, it must be possible to identify the surveyor who submitted the survey responses. Tailspin is currently investigating ways they can send the coupons directly to the Windows Phone 7 device for scanning.

Tailspin is also planning to use the Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7 to embed advertisements in the mobile client as an additional way of generating revenue. You can download the SDK from the Microsoft Download Center (

Note: The sample application that you can download to go with this guide doesn’t implement all these capabilities; however, it is likely that a real-world version of this application would consider doing something like this.