Using the IronPython Windowed Environment

IronPython also provides access to a windowed environment, but you can’t access it from the start menu. Instead, you  must provide a shortcut to the file you want to run or open a command prompt and start the application manually. The windowed environment simply provides a GUI interface for working with IronPython, but doesn’t do anything else for you. You start the windowed environment by using IPYW .EXE. If you type IPYW and press Enter, you see the command line switch help shown in Figure 1-9.

The windowed version supports the same features as the command line version.As you can see from Figure 1-9, the windowed environment supports the same command line switches as the character mode command line version. However, you can’t use the windowed environment to run the interpreted console environment, which is a shame because many developers would prefer working in the nicer environment. To see that the windowed environment works the same way as the standard console, type IPYW and press Enter.