Do You Really Need Student Loan Consolidation?

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Over the past years, almost 70% of college students in United States obtain federal government study loans and private study loans to complete their higher education. Nowadays, it has become a common trend for people to consolidate their student loans for the purpose of reducing their financial burden during the global economic crisis. In fact, is it really wise for everyone to go for student loan consolidation? The answer is NO. The need for this type of consolidation varies from one person to another. Here are some situations where you totally don’t need student loan consolidation.o You shouldn’t consolidate your college loan if the debt amount you owe is very little. You are advised to consolidate your study debts when your outstanding balance is more than USD 20,000.o When you only have one federal student loan and one private loan, there is no point for you to go for debt consolidation. This is because you can’t even combine both federal and private student loans. It is totally not allowable.o The main principle for student loan consolidation is to enjoy ONE LOW interest rate. It is totally not wise for you to consolidate your student debts if the interest rate for your debt consolidation is higher than your current interest rates. It won’t help you to save money at all in long run.o It is not secured for you to select student loan consolidation if there is no fixed interest rate offered to you. You are reminded not to take up any offer if the lender provides you an adjustable rate for your debt consolidation. You have to bear in mind that you are putting yourself at very high risk when the interest rate boosts up one day in the future. You will be paying high interest through your nose.To sum up, although college student loan consolidation is so popular currently, it doesn’t mean everyone should go for it. You should analyze your own financial position carefully before making decision.

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