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Most people don’t have success in MLM because they never get started the right way.Maybe it’s not their fault, just that they haven’t found the right people to help them, or a good internet marketing guide to show them what the overall plan should look like.There is definitely a “system” or “plan of action” that successful MLM’ers use, and it tends to look very similar. In fact, most marketers who don’t follow this simple game plan never have the success they’re looking for.That’s why I put together this short internet marketing guide. I don’t have space to explain every last little detail, but it will get you on the right track and help you set up your business the right way from the beginning!Internet Marketing Guide: The Funnel#1. Capture PageI’m assuming you’re already in an MLM, and I’m also writing in order of what I think you should set up first (for those of you screaming “No! You need traffic first!”).It’s really easy for a lot of marketers to be content with the replicated capture page that their MLM provides with them. Of course your MLM wants you to use their page… it brands them! It doesn’t brand you or portray you as a leader. No successful MLMer has ever consistently used their MLM’s capture page and built a large, duplicating downline.Some ways to build your own capture page: NVU or Pagebreeze to design your own for free, use a marketing system, or pay a 3rd party service to set them up for you.#2. Front End moneyBasically, it takes a long time for the typical network marketer to build their MLM to the point where it creates a nice income. Usually, most marketers run out of money paying their autoship and other tools, and have to quit before they can build their MLM up. If you can create immediate, up-front money, then you can stay alive long enough to build your biz. Plus, you’ll create some seed money for advertising.Some ways to create front end money: AdSense on your blog, affiliate offers on your blog or autoresponder, selling your own product after someone opts in but before they see your MLM, or selling a marketing system.#3. AutoresponderThe third essential step in this internet marketing guide is you must utilize your autoresponder to its fullest potential. Even if you only have 10 people on your list, you must get an autoresponder to remain in constant contact, make sales, and improve your ability to persuade through writing. I use Aweber, but some other great sources are icontact and getresponse.I’ve heard that the average person needs about 5-7 exposures before they’ll trust you and possibly join you. Your autoresponder can accomplish that on autopilot, and with hundreds or thousands of people at the same time.Some ways to effectively use your autoresponder: be entertaining, message consistently (even daily if possible), provide valuable information, and only pitch occasionally.#4. TrafficWith those other 3 things in place, it’s time to run the numbers and get as many people to go to your capture page as possible, pay you up front money before they see your MLM, and then stay in contact with you through the autoresponder.My favorite, and most leveraged, way to get traffic is to write articles. If you write one article, it’s out there forever getting you traffic. If you write 100, you’ve got a solid base for traffic that won’t go away. Basically, start writing articles about your niche (not pitches, but valuable info) and then in the resource box place a link to your capture page.Of course, if you want to pay for advertising, there are thousands of places to place banners, text ads, email ads, and so on. You can just Google that stuff, like “advertising opportunities MLM” or something. Just do your research, or you’ll get sucked into unresponsive places to place your ads.That’s my short internet marketing guide, and I believe the most valuable information you can have about building your MLM business!However, I know that setting up capture pages, having a product to create front end money, writing autoresponder emails, and learning how to generate traffic can be difficult and daunting, especially if you’re just beginning.I myself use a marketing system that does all 4 of those things for me. I have capture pages, a tool to sell up front for great commissions, autoresponder emails already written for me, and top of the line traffic-generation training from the top minds. For more info, check out “Erin Smith’s MLM Secrets” in the resource box below!Hope you enjoyed this Internet Marketing Guide!

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