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If you’re at all serious about your online business, email based marketing will be your number one priority. This critical step will take your business to a whole different level.Did you ever ask yourself why most established businesses such as Target or Walmart will always have some sort of a contest where you have to fill out a form with your name and address? Well, there is a reason behind that. They know exceptionally well – a customer list is an enormous asset in their business. And as an online business owner you should know this as well.If you ask most people about email based marketing, they automatically think of spam. Or they’ll say something like: “Oh yeah I see companies selling email lists online all the time.” Unfortunately they’re missing the whole point completely.Buying bulk email lists from questionable sources – has nothing to do with proper email marketingThis is the last thing you want to do because spamming is not only illegal but also pointless. With the advances in spam filter technology, most of it ends up in the trash. Some of it that’s fortunate enough to pass through spam filters is so untargeted and poorly written – it ends up in trash after it’s opened anyway.What you should focus on is building an ultra targeted, responsive email list. A list of highly targeted specific audience. And to do that you should know the basic principles of doing this correctly.My most recommended top guide on the subject is Inside The List and here is why:o It covers in great detail the process of capturing leads the right wayo Teaches you how to create squeeze pages that pull the leads by the use of foolproof elementso Offers scientific case studies on open rates of your emails and how to increase them dramaticallyo How to tweak your messages to keep them from accidentally triggering spam filterso Explains the strategic importance of sending your email broadcasts on certain days of the weeko Has a bonus section that uncovers some of the hottest mailing list markets and advanced ad writing techniquesAfter you start implementing the correct techniques and build you list, it won’t take long until you realize the awesome power behind it. You’ll wonder why you didn’t start much earlier.

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