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In this guide I will Evony some tips that will help the game easier for all players. Sometimes players think too much about the game and not see its simplicity. Here I will give you some tips Evony few to help you grow and progress quickly.Beginners protection: Always use protection for your benefit and beginners never get out earlier, if you defend yourself and your city. Your area might look like on the map, kind, but if another player is in a different area of ​​the card and the remote ports are attacked, then it could end up in your area. So you should never have come from the beginner to the protection of the beginning because you can protect your city from the Alliance attack.Join right: Get on the right alliance is key to your success in the game. Believe me during the game, you must be a. My advice is always close to the strongest alliance in your area. It makes no sense to start the game in an alliance of ten when they are no where near you, to protect you or help you. No one is going to tele-port of the city, just to helpa player at the start of the game. Thus, the stronger the alliance come to your neighborhood where you can get help if you need construction it.City: The simple key to building your city is allowed to build one of each type of building in your city. But be sure to build 7 or 8 cabins and other rooms filled with barracks. This allows you a very productive city.Politics hero Another important factor in your town is your policy to have heroes. This hero is that you keep it as mayor. The policy of the hero, if your building is controlled and reduced increase productivity. The higher the policy attribute of your hero, the better. Try to find a level 1 hero come to politics with a policy attribute in your city 60 started.Hopefully Evony these tips will help you stay focused and keep things simple, if the match. If you are set correctly from the start, then you get an easier life, such as calming the game

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