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Released only weeks after the last general election public simulators City Hall down 2D Playfish, developers as well as famous restaurant in town and look Society.From first pet seems to be accommodated, the City Hotel is a simulator similar to the old tower with a small twist Sim City restaurant in a mix. For days I watched the screen while playing with the City restaurant and ask me what Hotel City really? What new entertainment that can offer me? Then think no more I try to click on the indicator to determine myself.Game click when I saw the start of the application on my Facebook account, decided to load the game smoothly, without hiccups and time loading times (Thank God Playfish that corrects the loading time in their games). Once it has finished, I started to name my site (Mabel) and immediately began the tutorial is at stake for tutorial in. The game is very linear and easy, by any age group. The formation of new players what to do and how the game interface works.Hotel city where he worked side-scrolling 2D environment,You can move freely on the screen to get a better look at the interface of your hotel has been carefully placed on the screen. Game Settings menu and status bar are placed on the edge of the screen to allow easy access without blocking the environment of the hotel. But what impressed me the most is for a beta, Playfish has all kinds of furniture and parts are used for the disposal of game.After get to know my new environment added, I took the next step in the creation of my new hotel. As a newly established, turn the game with three employees, a reception area, and enough gold to build a hotel with 3 small bedrooms, closet cleaning and some additional decorations. Nothing big, just when you really start a new branch, but good enough for a small amount of nevertheless.Of course a good hotel would not work without the guest worker entertaining and serves to draw completely. New employees at the beginning of the character without a name of the game with the red tags are called “staff Temp”. Unlike the previous simulator Playfish, you can not hire all your friends in your listThey replace the disappointing. You really need to advertise to your friends as permanent employees, the new hotel to recruit sent. This can be quite annoying at first, because there are not many people play over and most ignore your cry for help. However, if you succeed, your friends in your new hotel work, the reward will be worth wild as the cost is reduced by moving greatly.Some element of the game does not seem too much like my employees still have to change ‘other ‘ after a long day at work. Although it is not always the progress of your employees, you must still register a day or two to start the next layer. Shift work is presented in four different settings for now. The shortest trip is 2 hours and the longest is now provided about 48 hours depending on your improvement from the previous list budget.Certain friend Playfish game. Below, you will see a list of your friends now have an indicator of gold indicates that it is rewarding to say, when you visit them. Gone with the dayswondered who you are not a prey for the day and you missed the visit out.Finally the only thing I do is not really in the game yet, sell all my old furniture or the send to my poor friends how the function is not available at this stage of development. So I can not do anything for the moment, but to allow all the junk in my garage waiting for the dump feature.GraphicsThere Playfish is little to say about the game, really graphic, because it seems pretty clear and leave many space for improvement. There is a small element of 3D in the game, but it is very difficult to see, if you look very, very careful about the small head avatars. Yes, the little work done 3D avatar head, but nothing that really makes my wow from my seat. May be serious, I was actually more than just a music head.SoundThe Bobble 3D sound and waited a little work to do. Although it started well to have the music pretty boring after listening to this right for 10 minutes. The same goes for the soundPeople make different sounds sleeping and yawning, which is rather irritating. As per usual, turn off the sound is advised if you have the same old thing over and over again.ConclusionFor now sees the game very exciting to hear a beta version to enjoy. However, there are many areas for improvement. Although there are no other developers have never done over the years, but to kill time at work or at school, this game can keep you busy for a few minutes of your time. As for me, I’ll keep my eyes on this game from time to time, let’s just hope that there is more content when the game goes gold are added.

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