All About Federal Student Loan Consolidation and Its Specific Features

Student loan consolidation is essentially considered as a tool to manage one or more debts. Such a loan also allows any student to combine his/her federal or private student loans into one single mortgage with extended loan terms, which subsequently minimize the monthly payment.For US students, there are two types of student loan categories namely as mentioned below1. Federal student loans2. Private student loans.Federal Student Loan Consolidation:The Federal student loan consolidation allows a student to consolidate all his loans for one single loan at a lower interest rate. The student could also lengthen his term (tenor) of payment. Many financial institutions provide federal consolidation student loans. The students have a right to choose the most reasonable loan package that suits them.But ultimately, like several other loan options, the federal student loan consolidation also has its disadvantages. Though the students are offered a consolidated loan for less monthly installment, it unanimously increases the full total amount that has to be repaid.Nevertheless, some of the beneficial features of Federal consolidation student loans are as follows:* Interest Rate: Federal consolidation student loans have lower rate of interest than most of the private loan schemes.* Monthly Payments: There is subsequent reduction in your monthly payments. As a student, this can take the load off from your monthly budget and you can also pay the installments easily.* Single Loan: With loan consolidation, there is only one payment check to be paid each month. This is very convenient and uncomplicated form of payment scheme for any student.Eligibility Factor for Consolidation LoansA student is eligible for federal consolidation loans, when he/she is not enrolled in any school and has repaid the loans without any default. Even students who are in grace period after post graduation can apply for such loans. The minimum loan amount should be $10,000 or more.Students having federal educational loans are also qualified to get a consolidation loan. Private education loans are not considered for student debt consolidation loans. Many institutions and companies provide federal student consolidation loans such as credit unions, banks and secondary markets.Mixing up private loans and federal loans for student debt consolidation is not a good idea, as the federal loan interest amount is tax deductible. Some loan amounts are also forgiven depending on the nature of job or service. Private student loans are bereft of such benefits, as they are treated at par with normal loans. Combining private and federal loans for consolidation of debts makes you lose all the wonderful advantages of Federal consolidation loan student.Student loan consolidation [] is specifically meant to minimize the monthly pay amount and for extending the repayable loan terms. It is very convenient for students struggling to pay their monthly installments scattered in several outstanding loan forms.