Available Options For Debt Reduction – Debt Consolidation Loans

The first step is to consider all of your options for getting out of debt. Before I settled on negotiating my own debt, I had to consider whether it was feasible to just pay my creditors, approach a debt settlement specialist, or declare bankruptcy.So what are the options to get out of debt?Option Number 3: Debt Consolidation LoanDebt consolidation loans are exactly what they sound like. If you have a lot of high interest credit cards or other loans, you can secure a debt consolidation loan at a lower rate of interest.The downside to this option is that it can be a risky business to find a reputable company to secure you the consolidation loan. It also doesn’t really solve your problem in the immediate term. You still have to make monthly payments to pay back the loan from the debt consolidators.If you decide this is the option right for you, it is crucial to find a reputable company. The best sources for information on this point are the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies and the National Foundation of Credit Counseling. Any company you approach for a debt consolidation loan should be a member of one or other of these organizations.As a general rule, you should avoid zero-interest credit cards and similar, if you have debts. In many instances, you won’t qualify for one of these types of loans anyway (they target people with good credit) and if you do, you have to keep in mind that the favorable interest rating on the money you borrow is unlikely to last forever.