Benefits of a Fixed Rate Home Equity Line of Credit


A fixed rate home equity line of credit gives you easy access to low interest credit. It also provides you with stability, helping you know how much your rates will always be. The greatest savings can be seen over time if rates increase. So, even if you don’t plan on using that credit line now, it may be a good idea to keep it open for the future.Easy Access to Low Interest Line of CreditWith your home’s equity as your collateral, you can qualify for low rates with a home equity line of credit. Compared to other sources of credit, you will find it hard to secure a better rate on credit, and interest paid is deductible from your taxes in most cases.Unlike an equity loan, you can access your credit when you need it. Usually a debit-like card is issued to you from the lender. You can use it like a credit card.Fixed Interest Rates Offer Long Term StabilityFixed rates provide a borrower with stability, always knowing what their rates will be. This is especially good when rates are low. However, adjustable rates may initially be low. In some cases, rates can even drop.Fixed rates are for those that want the security of a permanent rate. While not without risk, fixed rates can give peace of mind. Remember too that with most lenders you can either convert or refinance your line of credit to an adjustable rate in the future.Long Term Savings with a Fixed Rate Line of Credit For long term debt, a fixed rate can potentially see an interest savings for borrowers. By locking in a low rate now, you will see a savings if rates rise. Over the long term, this could save you some significant cash.With a line of credit, you don’t have to use it. So if rates are significantly low, consider opening an account to use in the future when/if rates are higher. You always have the option of closing the account if rates are high and opening one with lower rates.Before applying for credit, be sure to compare both rates and fees to find the most competitive financing package.