Credit Information Report for Home Loans


The credit information report, CIR as it is termed is the history of the client’s spending habits over the past months. This is considered as one of the most important documents during the processing and approval of home loans. Maintaining a good credit history would help facilitate the process of application and approval of home loan.What does CIR mean? It is an account of your salary amount, take away per month. This indicates your total salary as well as for application of loan even the other earning spouse’s salary is also considered. The total expenditure incurred during the previous months and the remaining part of the amount as savings. Also whether the client has repaid on time or defaulted counts during the approval of the loan. Hence if the borrower has to apply for a loan one has to be thorough with financial matters. All bills and taxes must be paid on time. The credit card amount has to be paid on every monthly basis. Expenses have to be curtailed leaving a substantial amount remaining as savings. Many different types of loans like vehicle loan, personal loan and so on indicate that you have compulsory repayment schedules and this may affect negatively your chances of loan approval. If many applications for loans have been applied then this would also indicate that the amount of repayment may become a big one every month and this may be considered as a negative point from the side of the lender.Having the credit card and not spending much is the best as this shows that you are financially secure and all your expenses are handled without the use of credit card. Also one must remember that there is always a high amount of interest rate applied to this amount used as credit.