Easy Ways to Repay Your Student Loan Debt


The number of college graduates with educational loans is getting higher every year. The average college loan debt for each new graduate is seen to be $10000 and this increases at twice the inflation rate.Are you among these college students with educational loans?Worried about how to repay your student loan debt after graduation?Luckily there are ways to help you pay off your college loan debt. Read on to find out.1. Even before you graduate, it is a good idea to start planning about how to pay off your debt. Save money by getting jobs every summer throughout your college education. Choose to save in a high interest savings account. The amount you saved can later be used to repay your student loan.2. Think before opting for loan consolidation. You can combine multiple loans in one loan for easier payments however this may or may not lower your interest rates. Also, consolidation will render you ineligible to various college loan forgiveness programs.3. There are ways you can work your way out of your debts: do volunteer works for Americorps or the Peace Corps or work as a teacher or medical personnel in underserved communities.4. Check if your college has a work-study program and apply. This helps defray the cost of your college education and lessens the need for college loans. You can also apply for scholarships and federal grants.Once you’ve started to repay your student loan, avoid making late payments. This is one way to protect your credit score, if delayed payment is listed in your credit report this won’t clear for up to 7 years.Contact the lending company if you’re experiencing economic hardships and advice them of your situation. They can make arrangements to adjust your payment terms.