Government Student Loan Consolidation – What Are the Benefits?


If you happen to have several different government student loans, consolidation may be an option for you. Just a few of the government loans that can be consolidated include Perkins loans, Stafford Loans, and even PLUS loans. There are more options than ever for consolidating loans today, and doing so can allow you to enjoy several benefits. Here is a look at the benefits of government student loan consolidation.1. Low and Stable RatesOne of the main benefits of consolidating your government student loans is that you will get low and stable rates. The new rate you get on the loan will be an average of the other loans that is weighted and it can’t go about 8.25%. Once you consolidate, throughout the life of the loan the rates will remain the same, which can save money and make it easier for you to plan your financial future.2. One Payment After you get a consolidation loan for your federal loans, you’ll benefit from only having one payment. Instead of having multiple loans that you have to pay on each month, you’ll only have one payment. It makes it easier for you to remember one payment, rather than having to remember to send out many different payments every month.3. Lower PaymentsIn most cases, you’ll also benefit from lower payments each month as well. Since you may be able to extend your loan terms, it can make your monthly payment lower. When you are just starting out and finances are a bit tight, this can be a huge help to you financially.