Home Refinance Tips – When Does Home Refinancing Make Sense?


Refinancing your home makes sense when you determine how much you want to save before starting the process. Do you want to save $50, $100, $200, or more a month?Let’s say you want to save at least $100 a month before starting with the process. It is not really that much of a hassle, we refinanced in February 2010 and saved $140 a month…no closing costs…no appraisal…a three-week process…we chose the right lender.Here is what you have to send the lender:1) Last two years income tax returns2) Copies of your latest brokerage statements3) Social Security verification4) Copies of your driver’s license…best to send as a pdf file…faxing is usually not acceptableThat is about it, you can do all this with a fax machine in less than an hour.We saved the $140 a month on a 30-year mortgage of $210,000. If you ask for a no closing cost refinance proposal it makes it easier to determine what is the best deal. We could have gotten a 4.875% loan…but it would have cost $5,000 at closing…not a good investment.We saved by dropping our mortgage rate only a quarter point…the existing mortgage was a 5.675% loan…we now have a 5.375% rate.So figure if you can get your rate reduced by a quarter point with no closing costs you can save $65 to $70 a month for every hundred thousand dollars you owe.Do not think mortgage lenders look at your age as a problem. I am 64… my new 30 year mortgage will not be paid off until I am 94.The best home refinance tip I can give you is to use the right lender…in our recent experience we ran into some unethical lenders…benefit from our journey… go to the best lender first… Interested in who they are?