Home Refinancing Rates – When is It Worth It to Refi?

When interest rates were two points below your current mortgage rate, it was considered a good rule of thumb to refinance. But with today’s low closing costs, a difference of one percent can save you money on your interest costs. Even with low fees, it only worth it to refinance when you can be sure you can recoup the mortgage costs.Figuring Up CostsRefinancing is simply paying off one loan and taking a new one. The same fees that you paid with the first mortgage, you will probably have to pay for the second mortgage. Usually, loan cost range between $2000 to $6000 for a $200,000 loan. You will also have to add in points for lower interest rates, adding additional thousands. The only way to recoup these costs is to keep your mortgage for several years.Interest RatesTo make refinancing worth it financially, you need to be sure that interest rates are low enough to pay for the cost of refinancing. One simple way to figure this out is to use a mortgage interest calculator from one of the lending sites. These calculators will give you an estimated monthly payment and the total cost of the interest. By punching in different interest rates, you can see your potential savings.Short TermBesides interest rates, you also need to compare terms. The shorter the loan the less you will pay in interest. Ideally when you refinance, you should choose a loan with a shorter term. You can also choose a biweekly mortgage, where you pay half a mortgage payment every other week, which can reduce your loan by years.Finding Low Cost LendersNot all lenders charge the same fees or interest rates, so you can save thousands by searching for lenders. You can easily go to the big name mortgage lenders and request quotes, but some smaller financing companies offer better deals. The easiest way to find them is through an online mortgage broker site. Basically, you enter some basic information about yourself and income, and then you receive several different quotes. From this list of offers, you can decide who is offering the best refi package.To view our list of recommended mortgage refinance lenders online, visit this
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