How Do Credit Ratings Affect a Home Equity Loan Rate?


Bad credit ratings always have some sort of bad impression on lenders when applying for a loan. Naturally, your best interest is to obtain Prime rates, but due to bad credit ratings your mission is almost impossible. You may still find lenders in the sub prime market that will offer you decent rates, if you approach the matter cleverly.Improving Credit Ratings Will Lower the Home Equity Loan RateThe higher your credit score is, the lower interest rates you will be offered. If you can wait a bit with the loan you may find it useful to first repair your credit and then applying, with a better credit score, for the Home equity loan.If you need the cash in a short period of time and cannot wait too improve credit ratings you may want to negotiate the fees and maybe think of a shorter repayment plan. Note that this might put you in pressure of payments to be made on time, so, only you can decide for yourself if you can manage it properly.Higher Fees Might Lower Interest RatesIf you can afford to pay higher fees such as down payments and closing costs, you might want to consider negotiating this with the lender. In most cases lenders will approve your loan and quote a decent rate, even if you have bad credit ratings, under the condition that you pay higher closing costs and a down payment. Shorter repayment terms will also lower the interest rate. Depending on your financial situation you might want to go forward or not. Visit equity lending information for more details.