How To Choose Which College Loan To Apply For

Are you struggling to find out how to pay your college fees? You probably know you are going to need a loan but which kind is suitable for you? The type of college or student loan I qualify and how much should I loan? If you are wondering, then please read this article.The first thing you need to do before rushing out to get a loan is to ask yourself some questions.Besides the obvious cost such as college fees and tuition fees, you might want to consider other cost that you will incurred during your college years. Examples include the school supplies, study guides. Others include the lodging, food, transportation, insurance and even your car if you have one.Jot down how much you need to spend for each item for one year. Add them together and multiply them by the number of years you spend in college. This will give you a rough guide as to how much you need to loan.If you plan on getting a part-time job to supplement your income, you can subtract that from the total amount you need to loan.It’s important to know the types of student loans available so I briefly discuss these as well.Student loans can be broadly categorized into 2 types : subsidized and unsubsidized.Subsidized student loans are available from the government. Every year, the federal government disburses millions of dollars of student loans to those in financial need. An example is federal student loan which is heavily subsidized and the interest rate is very low or even none in some cases.It can be difficult to get these type of student loans. You may need to demonstrate your financial status in order to qualify.The other type is unsubsidized student loans. For this type of loan, you must pay the interest in full and you can usually choose to pay immediately or deferred until you have graduated.This type of loan is easier to qualify. In fact, almost anyone can qualify however the loan amount depends a lot on your credit score.These student loans are available from the government as well as most financial institutions and lenders.Regardless of which type of student loan you choose, always remember to calculate how much you are going to need first. If possible, try to pay your home as soon as possible to remain debt free.