How to HELOC – 5 Ways to Use Your Home Equity Line of Credit


The home equity line of credit or HELOC is a revolving loan which allows a homeowner to borrow and repay the money at the most convenient time using his or her home as the collateral. Having a revolving loan means that the borrower can renew the loan upon payment similar to the use of a credit card. The amount that a homeowner can borrow depends on the difference between the appraised value of his or her home and the amount that he or she owes in the mortgage.Do not mix up home equity line of credit with home equity loan. While both are secured by your home, it can best be differentiated through the payment system. Once paid, a homeowner can no longer borrow from the loan when he or she chooses the home equity loan. On the other hand, the homeowner has the advantage of using the loan again once it is paid within the time limit given by the creditor.A home equity line of credit is advantageous for homeowners who are experiencing financial difficulties. Others view HELOC as a dependable means to support their lifestyles and other monetary needs.While home equity line of credit is beneficial and very much tempting for homeowners to avail, you should always think twice and consider the best possible ways to maximize your HELOC. Otherwise, you might one day regret availing your home equity line of credit at the wrong time.So, when is the best time and what are the best ways to use your home equity line of credit? Here are 5 ways to use your home equity line of credit and enjoy the power of this financial solution using your home’s value.1. For home renovations If you are not really in a tight financial mess, a home equity line of credit is highly recommended to finance your home renovations. Making use of your HELOC is a smart technique to further increase the value of your home.So when unexpected circumstances occur demanding for a huge financial source, HELOC will work once again to your advantage. However, plan for your home improvements. Research and go for the most recommended add-ons to your home to further increase the value of your home. Adding a new room or remodelling a certain part of the house usually maximizes its value.2. To pay off debts You might have failed to protect your good standing as a debtor that resulted to a huge amount of debt. The home equity line of credit may be your financial source to pay off your outstanding debts and prevent them from accumulating due to high interest rates. But once paid off, be sure to remind yourself not to plunge again into debts or you might just end up losing your home as well.3. To set up a small business Another smart way is to use your HELOC to set up a small business. However, ensure that you have a clear strategy of what your business will be and that you have a strong knowledge on how it will generate income. Otherwise, you might end up just wasting the money from your HELOC.4. Save in a bank You may also opt to use your HELOC to save money for emergencies. Deposit it in a bank which offers higher interest-earning products. This way, your borrowed money is also earning interest and you can immediately withdraw from the bank when the need arises.5. For the education of your kids Your home equity line of credit can help secure your children’s future. You might face increasing financial difficulty in sending your kids to school, so your HELOC is a welcome answer.Look for the best plans when applying for a home equity line of credit. Several HELOC plans are available now and you can check them yourself online. Always remember that it is your home at stake. You wouldn’t want to be in a financial and homeless mess, would you?