I Need a Mortgage Quote to Refinance My Home – 3 Tips For Getting The Best Rate


Being able to make payments on your mortgage each month is a good feeling. It means that you are keeping yourself and your family safe, warm and dry each day and night. It also means that you are building equity over time, since your home is also an investment.There can come a time, however, when it makes sense to refinance your home. There are various benefits to refinancing a home, including the opportunity to reduce your monthly payment amount and the chance to reduce your total interest paid each month. Both mean more money in your pocket each month to use as you please.People usually choose to refinance when they believe they can qualify for a lower interest rate than what they have on their existing home loan. It is usually a good idea to refinance if you calculate that you will be able to recover your closing costs within a reasonable period of time (e.g., 6-12 months) due to the resulting lower monthly payments after your refinance.If you are saying, “I need a mortgage quote to refinance my home,” here are 3 tips for getting the best rate:1. Estimate your home’s value or get it appraised:Start the process by getting your facts straight. Usually, an appraisal fee will be baked into your mortgage refinance. But, it is a good idea to get a sense of your home’s value now. You could hire an appraiser to do so, which will help you obtain a more exact value. Or, you can simply contact a real estate agent you know and ask him or her to pull “comps” (comparable listings) on your home. This is a bit less accurate, but it is free.2. Look up the details of your first mortgage:Next, get out your latest mortgage statement and determine how much you still owe on your existing mortgage. Then, subtract that amount from your home’s appraised value. This will determine how much equity you have in your home. The more equity you have, the better your chances for qualifying for a low-interest rate.3. Compare quotes from at least 5 lenders:Finally, compare mortgage quotes from at least 5 different lenders. Many homeowners make the mistake of applying to 1-2 lenders, including their current mortgage holder. This is a mistake because it would mean that you are not sufficiently exploring all of your options for a loan.Be sure to negotiate with each lender so as to make sure you are getting their very best rate.When you are in need of a mortgage quote to refinance your home, consider these 3 tips for qualifying for the best rate.