Kill Off Your Evil Credit Cards with a Home Equity Line of Credit


Ok, tired of those ridiculous credit card statements? Time to refinance! If you own a home chances are your bank will help you out with your bills…and at rates that at a fraction of what your existing credit card rate.If you are paying the minimum payment on your card, and in most cases, on your CARDS, then depending on your outstanding balance, it would take you decades to pay off the cards. During that time you could have paid out in interest more than what you owe on the cards!This is where refinancing comes in. You can secure a line of credit and pay off the credit cards with your line of credit. This way you are making one payment, instead of multiple payments to different cards. Once have you credit line established, cut up most of your cards, but keep one with the lowest interest rate. You should never be without a credit card for emergencies.With your interest rate low, add up the amount per month you were paying on your cards and slap that towards your line of credit monthly. You’ll pay down the line of credit quickly and at the same time, keep yourself some extra “resources” to tap into at a low interest rate.All of this may sound like a daunting task, but in the long run you will be using your money and credit more effectively and this can in turn help you with any future borrowing of money when needed.