Obama’s Home Refinance Stimulus Plan to Save Your Home


We simply cannot turn on the television news without hearing about another company closing their doors. Talk to your neighbors, odds are good that they have either been laid off, had their hours cut, or maybe had benefits taken away. Take a walk down a busy street, you have probably bumped into a handful of people that are about to lose their homes. Each of us has been hit hard with all of the cuts being made during this economic crisis. Perhaps you are one of those handfuls on that busy street, about to lose your home. Maybe you now owe more than the house is worth, or maybe you just cannot make that monthly mortgage payment with that unemployment check. President Obama has two new ideas to help you save your home with his home refinance stimulus package.The first option is the “Home Affordable Refinance” plan. This part of Obama’s home stimulus package requires that you are current on your mortgage. Basically, this plan will lower your interest rates which in turn will lower your monthly payment. The principle owed will not change, just the interest rate. The equity you already have in your home will also continue to increase under this home stimulus plan. If you are current on your payments and the home is your primary residence, you have until June 10, 2010 to apply for this “Home Affordable Refinance” plan.The second option under Obama’s home stimulus package is the “Home Affordable Modification” plan. In order to qualify for this home loan modification, your primary residence housing expenses must be more than 31% of your total gross income. If you lost your job or had a major medical expense and can no longer afford your mortgage payments you should talk to your bank regarding this home loan modification process. The Treasury Department is willing to help with this home stimulus plan as well. Each month that you make your mortgage payment on time, they may make a payment that will apply directly to your principle. If you qualify for this part of Obama’s stimulus plan, over a 5 year span the Treasury may pay as much as $5,000.00. You have until December 31, 2010 to talk to your bank about this loan modification help. The federal government is trying to save our homes!