Refinance Home – Do’s and Don’ts


While walking your dog, you may have seen rows of houses for sale. You want one of those brick houses with three bedrooms to accommodate a growing brood of kids. The possibility is not remote if your home’s value has increased considerably. A refinance home scheme may let you enter one of those bigger homes.Ready to Jump Through Hoops?For your first mortgage, you had to undergo a paper chase to satisfy the requirements of the mortgage company. This experience will serve you well. But for your refinance home project, there are still some do’s and don’ts to observe to give yourself the upper hand when entering a contract.So check your documents. Are your tax income papers in order? Is your credit history satisfactory? Is your employment record updated? Are the records of the first mortgage complete and neatly filed? These are just some of the documents to prepare. Looking for lost documents or calling up certain offices for your records eat up your valuable time just when the refinance home loan agent is ready to talk to you.When you’re ready for an audience with the loan agent, make sure you’ve done your homework. You should know about mortgages before signing a contract. One simple rule is: don’t rush into a refinance home loan.The Do’sFind out about your home’s value. If this has increased, expect to pay more for the mortgage. But settle on a company that offers a lower interest rate than your present mortgage. The new loan should be able to give you 2% less in interest rates than your current loan.Do shop for lower interest rates. You may be surprised that an adjustable mortgage rate is lower than a fixed mortgage rate. The catch, though, is the possibility that your monthly bills might shoot up. Consider this if this is not a risk.Do ask about penalties for loan prepayment and getting out of the contract. The loan agent should make it clear that you have the right to rescind the contract within three days, which is the rescission period.Do make sure that if you’re going to resort to this option, let the refinance home company know of your decision and your reasons through a formal letter followed up with a telephone call to the right people before the 12PM deadline on the third day.Do check the company’s background if you’re using a new mortgage company. With several mortgage companies competing for business, you might fall for a lousy deal with the lure of very low interest rates and no closing fees.The Don’tsDon’t be rushed into a home refinance loan, and don’t be afraid or intimidated by the mortgage companies. Check out online sites that provide information on consumer rights.Don’t entertain calls purportedly coming from companies requesting more information. Go to the company office. Inform them of the request for additional information and verify if indeed this request came from them.Don’t entertain strangers offering a better deal and cash even if they give their credentials. Tell them you prefer to discuss things in their office. Don’t sign anything. Some people lost their homes to scammers because of those nice strangers.These tips can help you safeguard yourself from getting duped into dubious deals. Your new loan should be your chance to own a home, not lose it.