Stafford Student Loan – One Goofy Way to Pay it Off Fast!


Spending the money from your Stafford student loan works great in school. Paying it back seems so hard when you finish, right?Lately, we’ve seen all kinds of deals and help from the government, but no special deal for students drowning in their student loans. But now you have at least one way to get your loan paid off fast – it’s just below.And after you see that method, you’ll find some extra ideas below that to help with getting out of debt in general.Get a great partnerA great partner could take over the debts for you.You may have heard that China owns much of the US outstanding debt, something like $700 or $800 million worth. According to the news, some people think we may default or inflate our way out of these debts.You could try the something similar.Get to know the well off, cash-producing members of your community. Dating a coworker may serve a useful purpose after all if you can get this to happen. You might want to look at bank employees more, since they appear to earn more money, according to the news.Enjoy yourself. Have fun. And, convince your great new partner to help you pay off your Stafford student loans. This idea can help with any kind of student loan, really. Direct loans, private loans, all of them.If you like the arrangement, great! You can write it up as a movie script and sell it to Hollywood. Or Bollywood! In fact, it sounds like a Cary Grant-Doris Day movie.After you pay off those loans, if things don’t seem to be going as well as you’d like, split up. Sounds fun, right? At least you can still sell the movie rights to Vince Vaughn.I’ll bet if you ask around, you’ll find nearly everyone says they don’t like this plan.You’ll probably also find at least one, who, like the throwaway punch line comedian Wendy Liebman, says “I would never do that…(pause)…again.”So maybe this fast payoff method isn’t for you. No problem. See the bonus ideas below.More Ways to Pay Your Student Loans Off Fast- Sell your house, live in your RV and use the extra money to pay off those loans. Or sell the RV and use that money.- Start a low or no cost business, like cleaning homes and businesses in your area, or yard maintenance with the tools you already have. Make money, send it to your Stafford student loan lender.- Delay saving for your kid’s college until you have paid for yours. I know, it sounds cruel, but at this rate, won’t you still be paying on yours when they are through with college?- Teach public school. Many public school jobs qualify for loan forgiveness. But be careful – you should check to see that you qualify and that the benefit is funded. It often depends on where you teach – has to be underprivileged.Who knew marrying rich wouldn’t work like you’d hoped? Paying off your student loans can happen, you just need to focus on it and find a way to make extra payments. Do it long enough, and the loan will go away for good.