Student Loans: Which One Is Best For Me?


There are different kinds of student loans and a variety of lenders offering different student loan products that can confuse you due to the overwhelming number of offers that you can receive. Knowing beforehand what you are facing will probably help you be in a better stance at the time of applying for your student loan to fund your college studies. Private And Federal Student LoansNot all loans are provided by private parties. There are many loans offered by government agencies either federal or from the particular states. However, federal student loans are the ones more widely known. In order to see if you qualify for a federal student loan, you need to check with the corresponding government agency the requirements that rule loan qualification. But you should know that these loans are awarded according to the applicants needs, as opposed to private student loans that are generally awarded on a first arrived, first served basis.Private student loans are funded by private lenders and non-profit private institutions. These loans are generally offered with higher loan amounts than federal loans and are sometimes used in combination with them to pay for additional college expenses that federal government student loans do not cover for.Private Student Loans can be subsidized or not. Subsidized student loans carry lower interest rates just like federal loans do and are not as easy to qualify for. Generally they are also awarded according to the needs of the applicants or to their merits. Those underprivileged, those who belong to minorities and those with physical disabilities generally have more chances of getting approved for government or private aid.Qualification And Approval In order to avoid the consequences of getting declined for a loan you can take some measures. There are no problems with federal loans because you’ll known beforehand if you qualify for them or not when you contact the government agency and request the forms and the details of the loan approval process.However, with private lenders, you can always get declined for a loan. Thus, it is best if you request non-obligation loan quotes from them prior to applying. You can always contact a lender informally without giving authorization to pull your credit report and thus, you’ll avoid too many credit pulls and other stains on your credit history if you get declined.The best place to start your research is the internet. You can do a quick search for student loans and contact the different lenders in order to get information prior to applying. The more information you have beforehand, the more successful your search will be. Once you’ve found the lender and loan that best suits your needs, you can apply to them making sure to have all the necessary documentation in hand in order to speed up the process.