The Home Equity Loan – Same As Line of Credit?


Treacherous conditions within the economic markets all across the world have created a high demand as of recent in borrowing against your homes equity. However, in order to classify the sometimes confusing lender terminology; is a home equity loan the same as a line of credit?As you may already know, terms can blend into each other and become so confusing, that prospective customers can easily become ‘turned off’ just because they don’t know what they are shopping for! This is one of the lending industries greatest fears; so they attempt to clarify wherever possible on their websites and offline literature.Although, anything pertaining to credit within the home equity phrasing is normally associated with the line of credit product banks market to consumers. Moreover, this home equity line of credit is usually the mainstay loan that is associated with the standard home equity loan. Therefore, it is quite different than the fixed second mortgage type of equity loan that kicks out over a period of up to thirty years.While not unique, it is merely a different way to describe the line of credit you can obtain via your homes equity. In addition, it is the most popular type of equity loan and has a very flexible format that allows the borrower many options indeed!Another bright side of a credit line against your equity is that if your savvy enough to pay back the money you borrow in a timely fashion, you can save cash over obtaining a second mortgage that is more fixed! However, if you need a one time payment, the home equity loan line of credit may not be best for you and the second might be a better fit overall! Remember, there are a lot of options outstanding lenders can provide you online so obtain offers from a handful to see where you stand in the entire process!