The Loan Modification Process – Can You Really Modify Your Own Home Loan? The Real Facts Now Exposed


The economy of the US is still not recovering. Many people keep on getting laid from their jobs and more are likely to experience being fired. There are so many bills to pay including the mortgage. How can you handle everything at a time like this?Applying for the mortgage modification program is your best choice. This was a plan designed by Obama which unfortunately is very hard to qualify for. Obama meant well but it is hard to get accepted into the program.First of all, you’ll have problems with your lenders. Lenders make money from your loans so why should they agree to a loan modification for your house? They will keep on making excuses and give you never-ending reasons why you won’t qualify.If you can make your monthly payments on time, why should they modify the loan? But at a time like this, there may come a point wherein you won’t be able to keep up with the payments anymore.Another reason why you can’t qualify, even if you have valid reasons, is that the price of your house costs more than what you owe your lender. Even the mortgage agencies will not allow this.Your next option is to go to a lawyer who can fight for your cause. There are lots of firms willing to do this for a fee. The downside here is that their fee is expensive. Some would charge $3000-$5000. Instead of lessening your burden, it’s just an added cost.Why in the world would you pay for their service, when you couldn’t even keep with your mortgage payments? So forget about the idea and move on to the next option that you can do to modify your loan.There are many others who are having a hard time with their lenders and their mortgage. Since many are now being jobless, they are in danger of losing their beloved homes to foreclosure.Now, you and other homeowners can modify your loan by using a DIY loan modification kit. When you purchase the kit, you will get documents that are legally designed and written by real lawyers. It also includes hardship letter drafts.The kit will teach you various ways on how you can easily get your loan modification approved. The kit is a lot cheaper than going to agencies. Gone were the days when lenders mocked you. This kit will help you and save you a lot of money.