US Government Cuts Out Middleman With Student Loan Debt Consolidation


The ability to square up a student loan, especially a defaulted upon student loan, is one of the largest decisions a person can make. The privatized debt consolidation packages and loans that exist today all are geared towards limiting the effects of all types of past loan instruments, besides college loans. These are the distinct area and concerns of the US Federal Government and Department of Education.Internet ContactIt was not always that way. There used to be an intermediary of sorts that would handle all of the footwork and the communication between the borrower and the Department of Education. A student borrower did not have the ability to communicate, on the telephone and now on the Internet through email and the like, in the not too distant past.Too Many ChefsNow that has all been altered and changed with the 2010 Federal Family Education Loan Program enacted by the President and his staff. The main concern was the amount of money that was being accumulated by these third-party liaisons and the timeliness of the communications. There were too many chefs and not enough servers.More Money for LoansThe wide varieties of student loan packages that are now available are far-reaching and more open to all of those that care to further their educational pursuits. The US Government has done a good job with handling these types of loans and with the saved monies, that will not be heading to third-party intermediaries the savings and the loans theirselves will be better positioned to do what they are and were intended to do, help finance education.Department of EducationAs the United States braces for another frigid December and holiday season, the Department of Education is busying their internal workings to handle the influx of new loan applications as well as effectively disperse the loan payments. This will not be an easy task as most of the consultants that are working in the Department of Education have little or no experience on fielding the calls and contact communication points as these were previously covered by the middlemen such as banks and independent student loan firms.New Deal for EducationThe issue at hand here and for the foreseeable future is how well this new deal will create more educational opportunities for the millions of Americans heading off to school this Spring? Most see this cutting the fat as something that was way past due and that will only strengthen the students and their parents in financing the collegiate experience.Debt Consolidation Resources