Wells Fargo Debt Consolidation Explained For You

Look around at the major financial institutions around you, willing to offer you lines of credit and consolidation as an answer to your financial worries. Wells Fargo offers several ways to consolidate your debt, giving you simplicity and peace of mind. Whether you’ve ever done business with Wells Fargo before or not, take a look at this article for Wells Fargo debt consolidation explained and get answers to your questions.If student loans are your primary source of debt, as they are for most recent college graduates, then Wells Fargo offers a special student loan consolidation program for those with student loan debt amounting to $5,000 – $100,000. The variable interest rate is determined by your credit score, so before you apply take at least a few months to work on actively improving your score as much as possible to obtain the best interest rate.If you own a home, you have both refinancing and home equity loans as options to consolidate your loans. Refinancing may be the ticket to effectively consolidating your loans. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of low home mortgage interest rates that we will probably never see again – the money you save just by doing this can be used to pay off your unsecured credit card debt or other bills.If you have lived in your home for a while, then you could look into getting a home equity loan or line of credit, which is another avenue to consolidation by giving you the extra money to use to pay down your existing debt. Home equity loans allow you to cash out the paid-for value of your home while you are still living in it and not yet finished making monthly mortgage payments. It can be a great, low-risk way to enjoy a fixed rate consolidation of your debt.With any of these three loans, you’ll need to apply to see what you qualify for. The review process on your application can take up to two months, so it’s better to start sooner than later. Contact your local Wells Fargo or visit them online for the necessary forms and paperwork you’ll need to get started. Be thorough and careful in your application, as mistakes can be very time-consuming to repair. Better to do it right the first time, than to have to go back later and correct it.