Where to Get Refinance Home Loans – Comparing Banks to Mortgage Brokers and Online Refinance Lenders


Home refinance loans are used by home owners everyday to secure a lower rate, get cash out or consolidate credit card debt. When securing home refinance loans most borrowers either go to their bank or through a local mortgage broker, or an online mortgage lender.Your Local Bank Or Credit UnionYour local bank used to be the only source for home refinance loans and most still offer some very good home loan programs. Your local bank or credit union is great if you have good credit and do not need to take out a high equity loan. In most cases they do not offer some of the more aggressive programs or offer any assistance to borrowers with bad or marginal credit. Recently some banks have moved away from 100% financing loans as well.With the local bank you are pretty much limited to choosing from the loan programs they offer in house because almost all banks do not broker mortgage loans. Although if you get your refinance loan at your bank many times they can give you special incentives on other financial products they offer, mortgage brokers cannot do thisOnline Mortgage LendersThe recent trend for refinance home loans is to secure them online. many online lenders claim to offer better loans and rates then banks or mortgage brokers. The truth is that they normally have access to the same lenders and programs as mortgage brokers but they are often located out of state and if a problem arrives it can be hard to get someone to talk to. Additionally paperwork and any extra items they require will have to be mailed or faxed over, this just add’s frustration and time to the refinance process.Independent Mortgage BrokersMortgage brokers are quickly becoming the primary source for mortgage loans and for good reason. Not only do mortgage brokers offer many more programs then local banks and credit unions they often times can offer lower rates as well. Mortgage brokers are also the first to offer any new loan programs that come onto the market and most mortgage companies cater to borrowers of all credit situations.Mortgage brokers also have a huge advantage over local banks because they can move your loan around from lender to lender if interest rates improve, your loan gets denied or a better program becomes available at another lender. They can literally have hundreds of lenders to choose from. They also have the advantage over online lenders because they are local and you can talk to and see the person who is handling your loan with a simple trip to their office.