Why You Should Take Advantage of Student Loan Debt Consolidation


So, you went to college, right? You had a great time, studied hard and now you have your degree and are earning money for yourself. But you don’t need me to tell you that college was not cheap, right? No doubt you had to take out loans to cover the cost of your tuition, to buy the required textbooks, your rent and other living expenses. Now they have to be paid back and it can be quite daunting to be faced with a number of different monthly loan repayments – each with a different date, a different interest rate and of course a different amount of money. Would it not be much easier if you just had one monthly payment to make, rather than a number of different ones? Of course it would, that’s why you should consider this action to sort out your debt.Student loan debt consolidation may sound fancy, but all it means is combining all your loans into one and thus giving you the benefit of having to make just one single payment each month. Another benefit is that you can renegotiate the length of time that you have to pay the loan, which will mean that you can lower the amount of your monthly payment. Ultimately you can save money by choosing debt consolidation as you will not be paying varying rates on several loans.Another benefit that many people fail to consider is the beneficial effect it has on your credit rating – it is much easier to miss a payment when you are juggling various loans than when you just have a single payment to make every month. Apart from the credit rating aspect, missing a student loan payment is a serious business – you are putting property and personal possessions at risk of repossession! So again there are many reason to consider student loan debt consolidation.Contrary to popular belief the process of student loan debt consolidation is neither difficult, nor complicated nor time consuming. You can find a reputable lender who will be happy to help you over the telephone or online. Having chosen a company to handle your affairs the whole process should take no longer than 45 days – of course you should continue to make your current repayments until the process is completed.Student loan debt consolidation works by your chosen lender repaying all your loans and then having you repay them that sum under the terms you agree between yourself and that company. The crucial factor in any loan is the rate of interest and yet another advantage of this new rate is that once the rate, calculated on the average of your previous loans, is set, it is fixed and cannot go up. Unconsolidated loans’ interest rate is subject to an increase every July.Student loan debt consolidation is a sensible and convenient way to pay back your numerous student loans. You only need to deal with one lender and one monthly payment, there is less chance of damaging your credit rating, the rate is fixed for the term of the loan and you will save money over the course of the loan. It would be foolish not to consider student loan debt consolidation today.