Free Government Debt Consolidation Loans – Relief Programs Get Rid of Credit Card Debt Over $5,000

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If you are one of the millions of Americans who have racked up a stack of credit card bills taller than the Empire State Building, then you need to learn about the free government debt consolidation programs currently being offered. These bailout programs are receiving heavy funding as part of the economic stimulus plan, and are expected to gain even more funding in 2011. Many people are unaware that these programs even exist, which is unfortunate because they can be extremely helpful to anyone with high interest debt. Those with over $5,000 in credit card debt can benefit from reduced interest rates, reduced monthly payments, and even partial or complete debt elimination.Debt consolidation works by replacing your high interest debts with one low interest loan. This loan will be custom tailored to your personal financial needs, and will require only one manageable monthly payment. Not only do you benefit from having to only worry about one predictable monthly payment, you can also save thousands of dollars in interest every year. This allow you more flexibility to start paying off your balances, which is the first step to becoming debt free.The easiest way to discover whether or not free government debt consolidation loans are the right option for your unique financial needs is to talk to a trained debt agent. This can be done through government or private debt counseling offices. There are also online application forms which can be used to determine how much you can save with any one of the dozens of available government and private debt relief options.

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