Getting a Debt Consolidation Loan Without Owning a Home

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Getting a debt consolidation loan without owning a home can seem like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Even if you don’t have a house to use as collateral, there are other options that you can take advantage of. This article offers tips on how you can get a debt consolidation loan without owning a home.When you need a debt consolidation loan, you have two basic options: get a secured loan or an unsecured loan. While both options have their pros and cons, the important thing is that you don’t have to own a home to take advantage of either one.Secured Debt Consolidation LoansEven if you don’t own a home to use as collateral, you may still be able to get approved for a traditional debt consolidation loan. Collateral comes in all different forms. Many lenders are willing to accept autos, boats, property, or jewelry as collateral. Some lenders may even accept stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. If you need a debt consolidation loan, take an inventory of what you own and find a debt consolidation loan lender who will work with it.Unsecured Debt Consolidation LoansIf you have absolutely nothing to use as collateral, you can still get a debt consolidation loan. You just need to find a lender who is willing to rely on nothing more than your promise to repay the money. Though this may seem impossible, there are lenders out there who provide unsecured debt consolidation loans on a daily basis. To improve your chances of being approved for such loans, pull your credit report and do your best to clean it up prior to applying.

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