Government-Backed Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loans

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Are your loans often left unpaid? Do you get notices from debt collectors? Do you feel trapped under your credit card debt and feel you have no place to turn? You are not alone, and opting to take a government-backed debt consolidation loan may help you become financial stable again. If you have exercised every option, consider finding a debt relief representative to discuss your financial future and the best way to get out of debt.What is a Government-Backed Debt Consolidation Loan?It is the process in which individuals are offered a loan through the federal government to pay off outstanding debt. They follow the same fundamental guidelines as private sector loans, but have a few minor variations. Government loans set restrictions on the type of debt that can be consolidated with each varying type of loan. Research your options carefully to know whether your debt fits the program.Many programs are offered such as the Direct Debt Consolidation Loan Program and The Federal Family Education Loan Program. The most commonly issued government loan is for college students. These loans help students consolidate multiple student loans into one low-interest monthly payment.What are the Advantages to Consolidating Your Liabilities?Interest rates are normally lower than ones for individual credit loans. Combining what you owe into one low-interest monthly payment will save you a considerable amount of money over time. It also decreases the amount of money you pay creditors each month. Having one payment a month eases stress and helps you gain control over your finances.A majority of lenders working with government programs will offer several different payment options according to your needs. Thus, you set the pace on how quickly you pay back your loans without tightening your budget.How to Choose the Right Company.Never go into a loan program without extensively researching your options. Finding a reputable company should be your number priority. The last thing you want is more stress over your financial situation. Be wary of companies who offer “free government grants” because often hefty processing fees and other mistrusting tactics are used.A reputable non-profit organization will help you combine your financial liabilities through a government loan. Try to find a company that offers in-person counseling so you can sit down with a representative and review your options. Also, check references through your own banking institution, your local consumer protection agency as well as friends and family.

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