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Escaping from the dark depths of high-interest credit card debt can seem like an unattainable goal, particularly when the economy is in such peril. Trying to find help can feel extremely overwhelming due to the many programs available and difficulty of finding legitimate unbiased information. If only there was one solid choice that your could trust. Well, you can relax now because free government credit card consolidation loans are here to help. These federal debt relief programs are the obvious choice for consolidating and reducing high-interest debts and creating a manageable plan that will help you eliminate your debts for good.Most Americans have no idea that these government debt consolidation programs for credit card debt even exist, and that’s too bad, as the Obama administration has allocated millions of dollars to fund these programs. 2011 is expected to bring even more funding to these government debt relief programs, so don’t miss out on your piece of the bailout. Debt consolidation works by eliminating all of the high interest debts you have collected, such as credit cards, medical bills, payday loans, and utility bills, and replaces them with a single low-interest loan. This loan requires only one monthly payment, which will be custom tailored to your financial abilities.To find out if you qualify for one of the current government credit card debt consolidation programs being offered, or a government backed debt consolidation loan, you should apply online as early as possible. The application process is usually quite short, with only some basic personal information being required. This will instantly allow you to see which programs are available to you and how much they can save you every month. Act now as it can sometime take up to 4-6 weeks for your loan to be processed, should you be one of the lucky ones who qualify.

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