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Government Sponsored Debt Settlement Programs – Debt Consolidation Loans

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Debt consolidation is getting more common for many people today as they try to get their budgets under control. Unfortunately there are no government programs that offer debt consolidation loans or services to private individuals. They commonly will recommend that any person interested in consolidating their debt to contact a credit counseling service.Thanks to the Internet it is now easier than ever to find a debt consolidation service that will work you to reduce your monthly payments. Many of these programs will offer you a settlement quote online for free. There are also several programs available now for people that don’t own a home.There is a difference between a debt consolidation loan and a debt settlement. Be sure to study both options. Compare the offers before you make any decisions on which method is best for your needs. You also need to remember that both methods only work with your unsecured debts. The types of unsecured debt they cover can vary, but it most usually includes credit cards. These agencies also won’t be able to assist you with any homeowner debts that you may have such as a mortgage.Debt consolidation isn’t the only way to get financing to help you better manage your debts. There are several grant programs that are offered by the government. Among them are small business grants, grants for women, minorities and veterans. Other ways to find funds can include searching for unclaimed money or property.By using the services of Credit Federal you can search all of these programs and more right now. The site is free to use with no fees. They also don’t require you to have a credit card when you sign up. Credit Federal will allow you to search through several government grant programs that can help you out of debt today.

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