Government Debt Consolidation Loans – Get Help From the Federal Debt Settlement Options

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This is article is dedicated to all American people who use their credit cards to make ends meet. Over-reliance of credit cards leads to accumulation of huge debts. Due to the high interest rates being charged, repayment of these debts at the end of every month becomes a heavy burden. This has greatly affected credit cards users in many ways. The economic crisis has made it much worse making most of them to lose their jobs as well as their investments. The new government has luckily come to the rescue of these persons by forming a debt consolidation program that is driven to helping those in debt.The Obama administration has initiated a way of consolidating these debts by reducing the interest rates being charged to the American citizens. To know if you are qualified for the program, you need to make an online application. A trained debt consolidation agent will speak to you and tell if you qualify. This form of consulting is provided for free so you need to be aware of any other illegitimate company that charges for these services. In 2010, the free debt consolidation program received additional funding from the government. This has led to an increase in consolidation programs being offered by the government. If you fail to qualify in one of these programs, you will definitely qualify in another.One exceptional example of debt consolidation program being offered by the Obama government is the DOE-Direct Loan Consolidation program. The program was established through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that was formed in 2009. The program consolidates loans with high interest rates and converts them to low interest rates. These only require a monthly repayment that is within the means of the debtor. It makes the repayment of the debt balance much easier and manageable.

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