Internet and the Computer – Good and Bad

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Overall, across the country computers are becoming much more a part of everyone’s life. When I went to college you went to school and then had to go to a computer lab to do your homework. Several families had a computer in their home, but having the internet on any computer was not as common. Then of course, having a laptop was absolutely unheard of. Times have changed and now the internet and computers are available everywhere you turn. Most college students have their own laptop and can sit and work on their work or access their class information while sitting in class.For many of us we love having this type of access. We love that we can access the internet from our phones or from anywhere we go. There are a million reasons to think that the computers, internet and access to the world at our fingertips is an amazing thing. It seems that with all great things there can be negatives. Child pornography has become much more prevalent due to the access to the internet. Whether you live in Los Angeles or live in Philadelphia it is important to recognize the importance of protecting your own children and those around you. Not only is it important to protect your own children, but if you come across anything on the internet it is important to report it.You might not know where to turn for help if you find child pornography but it is important to look to lawyers that are specialized in the area that you live. If you live in Philadelphia you will want to get a Philadelphia child pornography lawyer. They are aware of the laws in your state and can help you make a difference.

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