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If you participate in any Internet marketing forums, or discussion groups, you probably see the same thing all the time. Beginners asking how to implement the latest strategy, and in their next comment they ask one of the most basic questions possible. If you are in this category, don’t blame yourself. This problem occurs because almost every internet marketing guide is aimed at people who already have learned the basics.You can not implement, or many times even understand, one of these new ideas until you’ve mastered the basics. The important thing to understand, you don’t need all of those high end techniques for now. What you really need is to get the basics under control quickly, and correctly. No matter what other methods you use, the foundation remains the same. You need to build a solid foundation for your online business in order to achieve success.A few things which are glossed over in most guides are the simple basics like choosing a domain name, buying your domain name, choosing the proper web site hosting, and even proper market selection.You’ll see question after question in online discussions where new marketers ask these questions. Often the responders seem frustrated to be answering the question again. What they forget is how they struggled through these same questions themselves. Don’t let the fact you do not know the basics stop you from getting started.Let’s discuss a couple of these basics right now. Number one, choosing a domain name should be based upon your market. You can get higher ranking in the search engines by choosing a domain name which uses a keyword phrase you are targeting. Try to stay with the 3 big domain names types, COM, NET, and ORG. Stepping outside of the big three can sometimes reduce your rankings, and likely will reduce the trust people feel for your site.Most domain name companies have great name discovery tools. These allow you to type in your desired name or keywords, and they return suggested alternatives, if your name is already taken. Consider using hyphens in your domain name if necessary, use the least number possible. Make sure the hyphen does not make the name look odd, but keeps it readable.Web site hosting is another item infrequently covered in an internet marketing guide. Do not choose your hosting company based upon price alone. You need to have a company with an excellent reputation for service, and customer support. Look for a hosting company which gives you CPanel access. This feature simplifies many of the tasks you’ll need for setting up your web site and blog. Also, make sure your hosting company allows you to use add-on domains and sub-domains to keep your hosting costs lower. This allows you to put multiple web sites and blogs on one account.This is just a brief introduction to the basics every new internet marketing needs to understand. Don’t buy internet marketing guides which only cover high-end solutions, until you’ve mastered the basics.

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