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Perhaps you have heard of The Rich Jerk and have wondered if his program is worth your time and money? Read my review of this internet marketing guide to learn more and see if his program is what you’ve been looking for. Whether that be simply a way to make money online or a quest for knowledge about online marketing that could allow you to quit your day job.The Rich Jerk, Kelly Felix, has been in the industry since 1995 and while his promotional style may offend some who visit his website, the product he offers can be very valuable to those looking to start internet marketing. However, if you are a true novice to the online marketing industry don’t expect his fairly inexpensive e-book to give you everything you need. Internet marketing is an industry with many components to learn and while he can help you get started, you will probably need additional material to be successful in the long run.What Does The Program Offer?

1. Website Creation: Making a website is often a scary and confusing endeavor for a lot of people. This program shows you how to create an affiliate website for those who would like to, but it also offers a free website as an option too. Selling products as an affiliate is also taught, however he will also show you how to sell your own informational product if you choose to go that route.

2. Search Engine Strategies: Properly setting up your website so it is optimized to do well in the search engines is a difficult subject for most. The Rich Jerk offers unique search engine strategies that will help get your new websites ranking high.

3. Advertising Instructions: Once you have set up your website it is time to market it. Many different advertising options exist, including Pay-Per-Click; this program will instruct you on how to tackle Google Adwords and also how to sell on eBay.For $9.95 he covers a lot of territory in the internet marketing world, his program comes with access to a friendly forum and unlimited telephone support, as well as a free 60 minute consultation when you sign up. There may be unanswered questions, as internet marketing is a complicated area to conquer, and additional products or education might be necessary, but I can recommend this e-book to anyone looking to increase their online marketing knowledge.

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