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This is a guide to internet marketing that has been put in place for anyone just starting a home business and wants to build this business. The internet can lead to a truly profitable business, if done correctly.The reality is that 98% of people leave and abandon their dream of owning a home business because they feel frustrated with the whole Internet thing. Now, if you’re one of those people then this guide for internet marketing is for you.If you keep your marketing strategies very simple, you can get online and be a great success. There are many systems out there that show all the ways you can think of to make money and grow your business.The truth is that there is no need to go and complicate the process. This guide to marketing will give you some tips on how to build your business online easy.Part of strategic Internet marketing is a social media strategy. Having an account with Facebook and Twitter is a free internet marketing, but you must use it right. It means that you should not pitch business opportunities, but to offer free training on internet marketing.
To accompany your media, create a blog. Blogs and Facebook go together and work so well together. They are at the heart of my marketing strategies and I can link Facebook to my blog and get a lot of quality traffic. The same goes for Twitter, if used in much the same way.
Article and video is a great marketing solution. You can write an article and share it on different social sites and you can also make a video based on the article. Send your video to different video sharing sites with a link to your blog.
This Internet solution offers all of the above together, and it is syndication. Post a link to the blog post on a Facebook tribe and do the same for all articles and video. Join the tribes and other people will syndicate the content for you in exchange for doing the same for them.
You have an excellent sales and training system in place so that you can educate people on internet marketing and retailing of cheap products that will help them grow their business.This internet marketing guide will show you five basic marketing solutions that you can take for free. These Internet marketing strategies will help you build your business and grow your list.As you may know the money is in the list and the relationships you build with this list. If you give free marketing training and value perspectives will buy from you and join your primary business. This is called your sales funnel and you should drip feed valuable information to your list through an auto responder. Also by making conntact with the people who join your list on Facebook and Skype you can reall start to build a lasting realationship with that person.Tristram Lodge

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