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Almost every Internet marketing guide you’ll find online works best for beginning marketers. There are a few exceptions but those that receive the most hype are often designed for the newbie to follow. They provide a “just the facts ma’am” basic overview of the highlights and rarely dig deep down into the why’s and wherefore’s of building a marketing business online.For the beginner’s this is very helpful. But, what about those who are ready for something a little more “meaty” rather than the milk and breadcrumbs that are normally offered?OutsourcingThis is one highly underrated aspect of Internet marketing for more advanced marketers and must be part of your strategy if you really want to broaden your income potential. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Work to your strengths and outsource your weaknesses.Whether you would do best to outsource content production, SEO, keyword research, web 2.0 applications, or the more technical aspects of your online marketing there are two very good reasons that outsourcing is wise. It enables you to focus on what you do best to use that time more productively rather than getting bogged down and floundering on aspects of marketing that aren’t as natural for you. It also ensures that you are getting better quality than you’d give to a task you find loathsome. Outsourcing is a secret weapon of the gurus that you won’t find in the pages of the average Internet marketing guide or eBook.Partnerships and Joint VenturesThis is another thing that many beginner guides for Internet marketers don’t mention. One reason is that it’s very tough to find willing partners if you’re a beginner. No one wants to feel as though they are “carrying” the campaign. Also, it’s difficult for a stark novice to know what is and isn’t a fair deal in joint ventures.Once you’ve run a few successful campaigns it’s time to consider branching out and joining forces with marketers in similar niches or those that will complement your niche nicely. You don’t want to team up with the competition but if your niche is in organic pet food you might want to consider joining forces (and mailing lists) with another marketer who has a successful and responsive list for pampering puppies. The possibilities are limitless and can be very profitable.Web 2.0 This is the new buzzword in online marketing circles. It’s also not for the faint of heart or the absolute beginner. Once you begin building your brand (or your name in the niche you inhabit) you’ll find that using multiple platforms for marketing is a great way to leverage your efforts. Web 2.0 is somewhat of a “catch all” term for using FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, and other social networking platforms in your marketing efforts. When done well it can bring in serious money month after month.When your business is ready for the next step in Internet marketing it’s time to incorporate each of these three things into your business model and planning.

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