Are Free Insurance Quotes Really “Free?”

It’s a sad but true fact that we as a society have learned that we get what we pay for. That being the case, we’re immediately suspicious the minute people start slapping the word “free” in front of their services. With that in mind, you have to ask: Are free insurance quotes really free?Just like that old time rock n’ roll…Who knows the skivvy on old-school shopping for insurance quotes? Before the Internet you actually had to talk to a real person when you wanted to be insurance-ANY insurance. Health insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, home insurance, didn’t matter. An insurance agent would come to your home, show you what they had to offer, then spend the next hour or three on the phone to their boss while you haggled a deal.It was a massive waste of time and resources.So what’s changed? These days, free insurance quotes are the name of the game. We’re not just talking about dollars and sense here. You spend less time, less effort and less aggravation to cut the deal you need. Even better, you’re not limited.The limitations you ran into under the old regime made insurance shopping a painful experience. You spent hours of your day chasing a good deal on something that, let’s face it, doesn’t even interest most of us beyond the fact that it adds an extra bit of padding to our bank accounts. As long as you don’t plan on having to cash in on your insurance policy any time soon, it doesn’t make sense to spend a whole lot of time setting it up.The result? Paying more than you should.The Freedom That Comes with Being Fee Free”Free” insurance quotes are giving consumers the power to take back their freedom when it comes to their insurance. How? By making it easy to comparison shop online and not charging you a dime to do it. What’s more, thanks to new automated insurance guesstimators, you don’t even have to talk to a real person to get an idea of how much you’re going to pay for your coverage.There’s no commitment, real or implied, to hold you back from cutting the deal that’s right for you. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, not only are “free” insurance quotes actually free, without any of the fine print or quid-pro-quos you might see in similar scenarios, they’re setting you free while they’re at it.What more do you want in an insurance quote?