Auto Accidents Involving Pedestrians

Personal Injury – Pedestrian AccidentsMost people understand that motor vehicles can cause serious injury to pedestrians on sidewalks, driveways, and parking garages. If an accident occurs, there may be severe injury or death to the pedestrian and serious legal consequences for the driver involved in the incident. It is important for drivers and pedestrians alike to follow commonly recognized safety rules in order to avoid accidents.If a driver strikes a pedestrian, he or she may be held liable for medical expenses, pain, and suffering caused by the incident. The injured party may pursue legal action for the aforementioned causes and may even be eligible for punitive damages against the driver.Drivers should always exercise caution on the roadways and should be aware of their surroundings at all times. In high-traffic areas, it is important to obey speed limits and all posted traffic warnings. If a driver fails to maintain the proper speed and obey traffic laws, he or she may be held liable for any injuries caused in an accident.One of the most commonly reported causes of accidents involving drivers and pedestrians is accidents that occur at crosswalks and intersections. These spots are often the most common places for drivers and pedestrians to meet, and can be very hazardous if either party is not paying attention. Drivers often fail to see the lights correctly or misjudge their speed approaching an intersection. Some drivers fail to see pedestrians crossing the street when making turns and accidents may occur.People walking on the sidewalks or crosswalks may fail to see oncoming traffic and often are unaware of vehicles on the road. Persons who choose to cross streets at the wrong time may easily encounter accidents with automobiles. Injuries also can occur if pedestrians fail to stay on the sidewalk or cross the street at inappropriate spots.Drivers should approach crosswalks, driveways, and intersections with great care, and should assume they will encounter pedestrians each time. It is essential to watch your speed, adequately judge braking distances, and keep an eye on the traffic lights when approaching a crosswalk.If you have been injured in an accident with a car while walking, you may be eligible for compensation for injuries and expenses as a result of the accident. For more information about personal injury lawsuits, visit the website of the Atlanta personal-injury attorneys of Webb, Lindsey, Wade, Taylor & Thompson, LLC.