Drug Charges in Your State

Being arrested for any type of drug charge can be a nightmare to have to handle. There are many things about your drug case that you need to be aware of before you begin the trial. Drug charges can be very complex if you are not prepared for all the factors that go along with the trial.Depending on what state you are in, drug charges can be very severe. There are many different punishments that can go along with a drug charge depending on many different factors. One of the first things that the judge is going to consider in your case will be your past criminal history. If you have an extensive past of criminal arrests and charges in a variety of areas, you won’t be as likely to receive leniency from the judge. The second factor that the judge will most likely look at is your current lifestyle choices. If you have no past arrest and a contributing member of society, the judge will be more likely to let you off easier.Drug charges can also be complicated because of the different types of offenses there actually are. One of the first types of drug charges is possession. Depending on the amount of the drug that you had in your possession when you were arrested will determine the severity of your punishment. This basically means that the more of the drug you had with you, the worse off you will be in the court room with the judge. If you are arrested for possession, the type of drug that you have will also determine how severe your punishment is. This means that if you have a hard level 5 drug with you when you are arrested, the judge will not have much leniency for your case.The next type of drug charge that you could end up with is dealing. What you have to understand about this is that there are many type so dealing charges that you could get charged with. For instance, if you are arrested for dealing to a minor, the charges will be much more severe because the person who was buying was a minor. If you are arrested trying to sell a large amount of a drug to someone, this is also a severe crime and could end you up in jail for a long sentence.