Friday Night Fun-Saturday Morning DUI – Los Angeles DUI Lawyer


After a hard week at work its common for friends to meet up at the local bar in Irvine after work and blow some steam off, this is good for the mind to have that release where it is friends talking, joking and maybe even some dancing to let the week slip away.This is Friday night fun-Saturday morning DUI, when you walk out of that bar or club and get in the car to go home as soon as you start the engine up you can be in legal trouble.Your see you later all said to your friends and in the car to head home and sleep of a week of stress and you know you will be able to after the drinks you had that have you relaxed after a very stressful week at work.Not more than a half mile from the club you realize that the police are behind you and you are being pulled over. Once on the side of the road in Irvine the police officer informs you that the reason you have been pulled over is because you are under the suspicion of driving under the influence.This sounds crazy, you had four drinks since a little after five and it is now going for nine, your not drunk, your just tired.The police officer asks you to step from the car for a field sobriety test, this is when the situation hits home, your in big trouble. It Friday night fun-Saturday morning DUI, no matter how much fun you had with friends by the early hours of Saturday morning you have been charged and arrested for driving under the influence. You have been chemically tested for the alcohol amount in your blood system and this is going to be a long and stressful night.This is when the first thing you need to do is contact an experienced DUI/DWI attorney, this is the only person that will be able to keep your life from spinning out of control right now. Your friends from last night will not be able to help you, they do not know the laws and they will not be there when you appear in court or at the DMV hearing. The skilled DUI/DWI attorney will be there, he will know the laws to the letter and will also know about cases that pushed the laws to be accountable for the errors that can occur in chemical testing and other things that will help your case. This DUI/DWI attorney will also appear at the hearing for DMV that could end in the loss of driving privileges for an amount of time because of what you were charged with.